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Hi!  I’m Elliot, welcome to my website.  I’m a male grooming specialist, barber, men’s hairdresser (whatever you want to call me) based in London, basically I love trying to make guys feel great about themselves.


I pride myself on the wealth of knowledge gained in the craft of male grooming built up through working and training with some of the greatest minds in the industry.

Wether its cutting hair behind the chair in the shop all day or working on set of a brands next campaign I feel so lucky to have found something that truly excites me. I love what I do!

2019 Saw my shortlisted for 'Creative Head It List It Guy' Award (Creative Head are the industry leading magazine and highly respected). It is an industry wide competition open to anyone 30 and under; It was an incredibly proud moment for myself as it was the first time that anyone that only cuts mens hair was shortlisted. 


I always used to get frustrated going to get my haircut, I never felt the person understood what I wanted or took the time to try and find out what it was I wanted. This is why I put so much emphasis on the consultation. As opposed to asking 'how short?', typical questions I would ask might be...



"Do you like your hair better the days its cut, or the week after?"


"Do you want it to move during the day or stay put?"

"How soon do you want to come back?"

"Do you want your hair to look like you care it looks good or that it accidentally looks good?"

"Different for YOU, or different for the world?"

"Would you rather make this part look good when it sticks up or spend as few minutes drying to make it sit down?"

"What annoys you about your hair?"

"What did or didn't work last time I cut your hair?" 

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