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4 Haircuts Guaranteed To Be A Hit This Summer 2019

If you fancy a change up with your style this summer these four are a great place to start.

Brad Pitt Long Loose Push Back

The two most common celebrities photos brought in to show a certain look are Brad Pitt and David Beckham. So when Pitt turned up in Cannes with a longer loosely styled pushed back look at the premiere of the new Tarantino movie you can guarantee people will be wanting it. Enough length left at the back that it can fly away and push out below the ears allows for a really interesting look.

Now to the part where people would normally recommend a product for this type of look but without seeing someones hair, and their growth patterns it really is futile. What I will do is say the type of products I would use to try and achieve this look if for example Brad Pitt was sat in my chair. On damp hair I would work a light styling cream like the American crew cream pomade all the way through the hair from root to tip and blow-dry back using just my fingers finishing of with some fine hairspray to set it but without allowing the hair to go crispy at all.

Very Short Texture with fade

Low fuss but effortlessly stylish. Slightly longer through the top than a clipper cut but cut with scissors so has a less ‘perfect’ finish to it which allows for some texture and more of a corner to be built up at the roundness of the head to make sure it still has a real masculine shape little bit of texture through. The fade isn’t as tight and has a bit more elegance to it than a traditional skin fade To style this I would use a clay like the layrite cement onto dry hair. The luxury with his haircut is that it requires little styling but merely a rough up with the fingers to add a little more texture and confusion into the hair.

Jake Gyllenhaal Swept Back Loose

I’ve had 3 people send me photos of Jakes hair whilst doing the promo for the new Spiderman movie which says to me this is definitely a hit. Not a great difference in length between the top and the sides but with enough to be worn back without lots of effort put into it; with Jakes hair on the left side wanting to puff out having the extra length and weight is necessary for it to sit down and back. Slightly tighter in through the neckline so sits a bit smarter but not fully clean. I would style this by adding a grooming cream to damp hair and blow drying back nicely with the help of a vent brush, finishing the style of with a light paste. He’s also been wearing this style with a slightly shinier look as well so a water based pomade or Baxters new Gel would work really well for that.

Rough Clipper Cut

Now when I saw this I don’t mean you take the clippers to it yourself and have a go because there’s a big difference between doing it yourself and having it done professionally even if some of you think its easy. Benedict Cucumberbatch shows how it looks elegant and very stylish without being super sharp through the edges, it should be tapered around the edges but not sharpened up with mini trimmers so that the hairs around the hairline can grow out softly in whichever way that they want to. Avoid this if your hair grows straight out from the head though.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I'd love to know some of your thoughts on these or if there's any questions feel free to message me on any fo the platforms.

If you're after more content why not have a look on my youtube channel (links on my homepage) where there is new content going to be added constantly.

See you next time,

Much Love


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