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  • Elliot Forbes

Burning My Hair OFF!

When I was still in primary school I used to be a sweet innocent altar boy, now don’t worry too much, this stories not going the normal altar boy story route! Around Easter time each year there are ‘stations of the cross’ services where 2 (I think) altar boys would follow the priest round the church with acolytes (as shown in picture 2). These services used to go on for so long and as you can well imagine were very tedious; old Irish priests don’t tend to be the most entertaining With the acolytes being at about forehead we thought it would be quite funny to have a game of bogies by seeing how close we could get without burning ourselves Next thing I know there’s a strong burning smell I’ve never smelt before. By this point I could see my Mum was irate, for those that don’t me, I’m someone that likes to push buttons so this only made me do it even more; I basically left a trail of my singed hair round the 12 stations! 😂😂 And that’s how I ended up with no absolutely no fringe.

Much Love


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