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GQ August 2019

I could just write on the caption ‘New Work for GQ’ and post on insta but that wouldn’t really tell the whole story. I was booked for the job about a week before and was told it wouldn’t be any hair it would just be the grooming (makeup), that was cool; I’ve been learning about that side since the start of the year, Joe Mills (owner of Joe&Co and major player in the male grooming scene) has helped me a lot and given demonstrations, I’ve watched you tube tutorials and been practicing on my friends and clients. By this point I was feeling fairly confident with it.

Anyway, I turn up to the shoot in the morning, not really much for me to do till after lunch when the model for the suits turns up. The morning we’re shooting shorts so I need to get his legs ready for the camera, now me being completely naive I don’t know the protocol for applying anything to legs especially with ‘me too’ being so prominent in culture now. It’s for the August issue and they are summer shorts so I know I want to put oil on his legs for a nice sheen; am I allowed to use my hands or do I have to use the brush. I ended up just using my hands and lathering it on. Fingers crossed no law suit.

Morning done and with lunch break brings the model for the afternoon. At this point I should point out that everyone I’d practiced on up until this point had average to good skin, they all look pretty fresh faced and had very few blemishes. The model turns up and his face has quite a lot of visible acne and a rash from where he’d shaved in the morning, my heart sank. I’ve never had to fully cover up lots of blemishes and and started to really panic.

I sit him down to and start to go through my routine of what I’d normally do and it doesn’t seem to be getting a lot better, my heart is really pounding now, I start thinking in my head

“I’m going to have to tell them that I can’t do this, I’m going to have to tell GQ one of the biggest magazines in the world I’m in over my head”

Luckily at this point Sam, the stylist came over and asked I he could start the fitting; this then gave me a few minutes compose myself, text Joe and ask him for advice which I duly followed and ended up turning out absolutely fine. I hadn’t felt like this since starting out cutting hair, one of my first paying clients asked for a cut that I wasn’t really too sure how to do and for that whole 45mins/hour my heart was pounding knowing I was out of my depth but that then caused me to grow. The next time that type of cut came in I knew exactly what to do because id made sure and gone out and found how to do it. I fully believe in putting yourself in awkward and unenjoyable (at the time) experiences, that is where growth comes from and I believe it accelerates it 10 fold.

Heres to many more uncomfortable moments! Comfort zone sucks anyway!!!

Much Love


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