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Heat Making Your Hair Fall Flat???

If any of you are like me, then the summer causes quite a problem when it comes to hair. Admittedly I do struggle with it a little less this summer with having hair cut with the front being so short that there’s no need to even put any product in the front. When I had a quiff however or a little bit more to play around with at the front it was a daily pain point of mine.

I’d leave the house hair styled exactly the way that I wanted only to find by the time that I had arrived to work that it had either fallen flat, the quiff no longer sat with a volume but now a strong wave or had a greasy effect to it that I didn’t want in the slightest.

Layering products is always the best practice for best results when styling your hair but it’s even more important during the summer heat. If we just put a single styling product in then it has more of a chance of having the negative effects mentioned as the structure hasn’t been built up enough.

If we first start off with a sea salt spray or grooming spray etc into pre blow dry we can start to build up the foundations for the day; secondly if using a cream/clay or paste product I would use slightly less as this is generally where the greasiness happens because of putting too much on.

The final step and in my mind most important for the faults mentioned above is using some sort of volumising styling powder/dust. A nice one I’ve found in the lower price bracket is the ‘Fudge Urban Anti Gravity Powder’ Fudge Powder which at £4.99 for 10g is pretty good value for money. Something to look for when purchasing dusts is the size of the holes when applying, some like ‘Slick Gorilla’ are enormous and too much falls out leaving the hair very tough and incredibly hard to wash out. The favourite dust I’ve used is the L’Oreal Techni Art Super Dust’ which is on the pricier side at £9.99 for 7g but does pack a big punch for a small amount.

If you’d like any help on styling products or any questions about hair I’d be more than happy to help you out, just drop me a message.

Until next time, Much Love


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