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How To Make Your Hair Sit Back!

If your hair grows forward and you want it to sit back then you are going to struggle to do this. You have two options, option 1 is to use some super heavy product and slick it back so that it can’t move but then you can’t move it all day and realistically its not going to look great. Option 2, which is by far the better option is to blow-dry your hair back by manipulating to sit in a different direction that it wants to.

The key is to start at the back of the head; if you get this dry first you are then able to build and build upon it. You need to look at this as the foundations for the styling, the brush has to go into thew hair flat, pick it up, and then rotate from the front out towards the back making sure to get all the tension from the root. The root needs to buckle to for the hair to stay back.

You have to make sure each section is fully dry before moving onto the next one, if its not then dry hair sitting on top of wet hair means the hair will drop and not sit into the desired shape.

Equally if you do start at the front and dry backwards, 1 its going to take an incredibly long time and 2 because you’ve put so much heat into the front of the hair that’s then going to fall flat because you’ve caused it to go limp.

Finally, if you have dried the hair correctly, then to make sure it sits in this position for the rest of the day blasting the hair with cold hair for 10 seconds is the last move.

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Dyson Supersonic

Denman Round Brush

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