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Player Profile: Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo ( born 19 May 1979) is an Italian former professional footballer. Pirlo was usually deployed as a deep-lying playmaker in midfield for both his club and national teams and he is widely regarded as one of the greatest ever exponents of this position due to his vision, ball control, creativity and passing ability, as well as for being a free-kick specialist.

His hair and beard however are what I really care about. It was hard picking just 3 photos of Pirlo because when you start looking on google images he looks great in all of them, whether its on the pitch sweating or out dressed in normal clothes. Now a lot to do with why he always looks good is just the way that he looks and the way that he holds him self, but there are ways to achieve this look.


Part of what makes Pirlos beard look so good is the fact that he has so much density to it, team this with the darkness of his hair it means that he can have the beard short but it still looks as though he has a full beard. If you're not so lucky to have the same amount of density then what you need to do is leave the beard slightly longer to make it look fuller, Pirlos beard follows the shape of his face so when trimming you need to make sure you don't leave any excess weight in any unnecessary areas which is generally around the jaw line and underneath the chin.

His beard never really has a perfectly manicured look to it and although he does clean his neck line and underneath up you don't tend to see it razored to the skin so trimmers/clippers are best for under here. This then means the difference between the neckline and the neck is not super defined so looks slightly more on the natural side.


His hair is actually fairly simple and if I was to cut this hair it would be a square layered haircut cut using a point cutting technique then slicing through to remove some bulk and add some texture. He tends to keep the back fairly long so I wouldn't be worrying too much about the external lengths but concentrating on the internal shape to create the external.


To style this I would put some sort of smoothing cream like L'oreal Liss smoothing cream in to the hair whilst still damp and then let to air dry. As with the entire look it's not too manicured and is allowed to do what it wants to.

Thank you so much for reading this, it really means a lot to myself.

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