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Sounds Of The Studio -Spotify

🎵 SOUNDS OF THE STUDIO 🎵 Music is and always has been a massive passion of mine. I don't really remember Mum & Dad listening to a lot of music or being really passionate about any bands or artists in particular so I guess a lot of the music that I like and have listened to has all been influenced by friends or by discovering it myself.

I love going to gigs, to festivals, I love how it makes you feel, how it can instantly take you to another place in your head or instantly transport you back to a particular time. Nothing Ive found outside of live music can bring such a feeling of euphoria which happens so often to myself when I'm seeing a band that I love and singing my heart out to one of their songs.

Traditionally I'm very much an indie kid growing up with the Arctic Monkeys & the Maccabees in particular and still regularly listen to their music.

‘Sounds Of The Studio’ is a playlist you can find on Spotify that will update weekly. It will include old and current songs that I'm listening to and are currently being played in my studio. If you've never been you can get a real feel for the vibe of what im trying to create. Link to the playlist is here

I hope you enjoy listening to it.

Much Love


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